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Clay trap at home?

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I am thinking of buying an automatic trap for home use/practise and wondered what people suggest as a robust reliable machine suitable for solo use. I am looking for something that holds 100 or so clays (more if in budget), is ok to be left out in foul weather now and again and is portable, as mostly I will lock it away at night. Ideally it would be great if it could throw a variety of targets and pairs and I would look to have it on a trolley or barrow and I see a lot of the makers actually manufacture these for their traps.

Budget is about £1000 max, obviously cheaper is better.

Specifically I was looking at the Bowman Supermatch One with 100 clay carousel but would love to get some advice from members as this is something I know very little about.

Here is the trap I was looking at http://www.scottcountry.co.uk/products_det...?productID=1476

Thanks all.

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Thanks for the replies folks, it seems like you think the single stack unit should be avoided if budget allows.

One of the reasons I was looking at the Bowman single stack was it was very quick at throwing clays, supposedly it throws a clay 'every 0.9 seconds'....most of the fast carousel units are around 1.5 seconds. I would like to be able to shoot pairs and I thought the single stacker would be the nearest thing I could get to this without buying two traps to fire at the same time (budget does not stretch to this). I think Bowman do a unit now that will throw a pair but it will be way out of my budget.

Anyone used the single stack units, do they cycle that quickly or is there lttle real world difference between the single stack and carousel units for speed?



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You won't go wrong with either bowman or promatic. I have a promatic single stacker, it is a very efficient and well made trap and the service from them was excellent. Can get 3 birds in the air with it as well...just! Having said that I just did a lot of research on new 8 stack traps as our club were in the market for 2 new ones, it was a close thing but went for bowmans in the end as they were (just) willing to do a better deal. Phone 'em both up and have a chat, you end up speaking to very helpful and knowledgable people in both cases, and they will probably both be prepared to haggle! Consider some midi inserts as well, gives you a bit more flexibility for an extra £70 or so, and a tilting base for some really different birds. Oh, and a trolley! Not worth making one for what they cost.

If you want true pairs you could still buy two single stackers in your budget and put a double button on them?

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I agree with diceman get 2. Promatics with trolly and timed release buttons , you can have a more interesting setup then to with birds from differnt angles. You will have great fun and the timed delay means it could be done on your own ooo err!

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Promatic traps are without doubt the best.


Have to agree. I have just bought a promatic superhawk after months of research and trying a few out. A great piece of kit. Single stack which holds approx 80 clays and fires one about every second or so. So far I have shot about 1000 clays out of it with only about 10 no-birds. I have shot with the larger promatics (harrier etc) and in my opinion it is just as good. Yeah it doesn't hold as many clays, but reloading the stack only takes a few minutes.


I got it just before Christmas - cost me £600 ish and I got the trolley free with it.


I was looking at the elite, which is also great, but the superhawk was better and within my price range.


I am in the process of making my own remote release, promatic charge about 150 and so far I am making mine for about 40 quid.

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OK, so you have a field and buy a trap. You go there to shoot some clays. :unsure:


How long before the enviro-gestapo move in and stop your fun? :lol:


I've been thinking of doing this myself but am aware of nimbies complaining of noise pollution. :yes:

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I am in the process of making my own remote release, promatic charge about 150 and so far I am making mine for about 40 quid.


I did the same. Maplins do a remote switch with a car alarm type fob which is pretty easy to adapt, and the range is amazing, a good 50 metres. For lone shooting I need to have a think about how to turn this into a foot switch though.

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Theres a nice little auto trap for sale on here mate ,



Product Description


WOW - New CHAMPION EasyBird EASY BIRD Electronic Auto-Feed Trap thrower and TAXI combo


EasyBird™ Auto-Feed Trap

This EasyBird™ trap provides the designated thrower with all the tools they need to put consistent and challenging targets out for their shooter. This affordable and portable electric trap automatically feeds from the 50-clay capacity magazine and makes target shooting a breeze. It runs off a standard 12-volt battery for continuous throwing.


Features & Benefits


• On-Off-Safe Release switch provides safe method to uncock arm.

• Arm safety ring provides visual indication of throwing arm path for safety.

• 20 amp circuit breaker protects electrical wires and motor.



• Lightweight and portable - approximately 45 lbs.

• Detachable magazine holds 50 targets.

• Throws standard 108 mm or International 110mm clay targets.

• 50 ft. release cord with foot pedal release.

• Easily mounts to Champion Trap Taxi 40261 (sold separately).



• Fast, 1-second cycle time.

• Adjustable throwing range from 55 to 65 yards.

• Runs off 12 volt battery (deep cycle type recommended).


So you’ve got your portable electric trap from Champion® Traps & Targets, but you need to move it around. No problem, Champion has you covered with the new Trap Taxi™ - a specially designed pull trailer that holds a variety of traps including the SST, 180-sporter and EasyBird™ Auto-Feed traps. Hook it up to your ATV, small tractor, or pull it yourself, and make your trap even more portable.


Features & Benefits

• Easy transport for moving a single trap

• Mounting bolt pattern for SST and 180-Sporter with standard or oscillating base-also fits EasyBird Auto-Feed trap

• Battery tray for quick and convenient storage

• Pull with a small tractor or ATV

• Trailer tongue pivots and locks at an angle for maneuvering by hand


ASKING PRICE £350.00 PICKED UP! + A COUPLE OF BOXES OF CLAYS + a free 12volt battery

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