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Fox Drive

Martin g

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go smaller than that personally I'd use something between 1's and 4's. Basically you have in effect beaters walking the woods etc through to standing guns. Safety is number one priority hence not using BB's as they aren't unknown to ricochet if you have a tree behind the shot.


Stay as still as possible for as long as possible if you spot one they will often come very close

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Got my first fox drive coming up soon followed by some dray bashing.. How do these fox drives work, and was thinking of using game bore mammath hi bird magnum bb 50g with 3/4 and full choke in my lanber.. Advice and tips appreciated chaps..


Depends how serious about it you want to be, dont shave or wash on the day, wear full camo inc hands,if asked to stand, stand with your back to the biggest tree you can find and keep perfectly still with your gun semi raised in the direction you expect the fox to come from ( line of sight eye, bead, fox) so that when it appears you have to make minimum adjustment to take the shot.

When you have given it the first barrel dont take your eyes off it, be fully prepared to give it the second barrel.


To be asked to be a standing gun is a great responsibility, after the walking guns have perhaps walked a long way and worked hard it is up to you to pull it off and make their efforts worth while by nailing Charlie.... dont miss, no pressure lol.


Enjoy your day


Rgds Rob.

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I go on fox drives throughout the year so I am quite experienced at it. It depends a lot on the terrain that is being hunted, for instance if it gorse land or heather you will usually spot Charlie's favourite pad/run so you can position yourself close to it; however, if it is woodland then it may be harder to cover as the cover won't be as tight. Most of the fox drives we hunt are gorse or heather bogs so 2 men hunt the cover out with fox hounds and a team of guns cover the far end. Usually the fox will have a favourite run and unless he is very desperate he will usually use it.


Shot size depends a lot on the range you are going to be firing at (should be within 50 yards no matter what). I use 2's or 3's in 42g when we are on fox drives and I will use 4's for foxes bolting from holes. I sometimes keep a really heavy catridge for drives when I anticipate that the shot may be long. Good luck :good:

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What dusk2dawn said. and if its coming towards you stay completely still, dont even blink (im being serious) and wait until its a few yards off until you let it have it.


"dont even blink..... and you start to hear the blood pounding and feel your heart beating as it works its way closer..... just a bit closer.... :good: Just dont miss" you think I,m joking, what are they going to say if you fluff the shot....no pressure mind!


Cheers Rob.

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