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English Open Sporting.....7th - 9th May

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Wat yo talkin about bro? de man says its all cool an yo dis him? I wud carry a shiv now on if I is yo dude talks resin yo upset the man


an he aint goin to listen to yo sqeeks. gonna come down big time on *****Students! :P:D:D


joke follow up removed as not P C. :big_boss:

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joke follow up removed as not P C. :rolleyes:




I don't think Trotsky was very PC either, taking the pi$$, posting pictures of me putting the hammer down on my lowrider :)


******* students

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Nah - the English Open's history, dude. :rolleyes:


Been there, done that, got the pin badge that doesn't work, got the free apple and bottle of water. :)


Innit. Wossnext?




Yep it's over for another year :lol: I think we all agree that in reality I won :blush:


What is next :no: Bring on the big ****ters :lol:

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I am impressed with your ability to converse with the ethnic majority, who have brought this glorious country to it's knees due to their constant payouts of public funds which has resulted in a bankrupt country.

Now get back to sense and reason and discuss the titled subject.

Or go on to the MTV website .


Oh go on then, as nobody else seems interested in you - "How did you get on at the English Open?". :)


I take it that's what you are fishing for, as there is clearly little else to say on the "titled subject" after 16 pages... :blush:


Lighten up honkey :rolleyes:

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Just come back from Hodnet after doing re run of English - got my card here and noticed markers confused all three of us Dave's that were shooting -- going down it stand by stand I recon I did 76 - not absolutely sure -- Stand 12 did nearly all our squad - most of us hit 1 (me) or two -- stand 8 hit 4x8 and stand 15 hit 3x6 - did 5 straights -stands 2-5-6-13-14 -- Chap on another squad did 89 - excellent shooting - 11 squads with average of 7 a squad - packed today and very nice pork and stuffing bun and long crispy sausage after shoot. -- Lot of new 10 reg cars in car park.



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So you still can't hit Rabbits ? (stand 4) . You never mentioned Stand 1 or 7? I watched Chard shoot, he could be good if he was to try instead of looking for tea and sympathy when he misses. No sympathy here mate only bitter and twistedness. I did say you would buy Chard a cup of Hodnet tea and tell him your fuel consumption figures. :yes::hmm:











Before you say it:- " I can still hit more than you Sloppyun" :lol::lol:

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Good job you didn't come shoot it - you wouldn't have had enough dummies to spit out - That Miroku would have ended up in lake. -- as for the advise you emailed me - no wonder you are shooting carp.


missed two rabbit - last pair!!!!!!!!! - missed one dustbin lid on stand 7 -- stand one I missed 4 would you believe -- I have a new word for my shooting - if I have a bad day I have Salopianed it. :rolleyes



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