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Best bag of bunnies ever over 3 hours!


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After being unable to source good cheap subs me and a friend have moved on to Fiocchi High Velocity rounds! before i would only have used subs but i cant believe how quiet they are! After a serious zeroing session! i zero'd at 80yds. im half a dot high for 40yds, and 1 and a half dots low for 200. The rounds were still penetrating thin corrigated iron at 200!


Anyway after this we had to go out and try them out on the real quarry.


We tried 2 permissions, both of which were teaming with bunnies!


we were camping on the top of a hill in a sniping position, me with my Cz and my mate with his 12" browning buckmark and he was still taking headshots at 180yds with a red dot scope! i tell you these rounds are nuts! by far the most consistent high V rounds ive tried!


Majority of the kills were headshots but there were the odd few shoulder shots that were had from standing shots!


Total bag was about 33, but we couldnt find 10 due to it being so dark when we finished! and smart **** had forgotten his torch!


heres the piccy anyway! total found was 23


and ive run out already! :good:


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