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Gun fir - re Big Dave's post.

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[Title should be Gun Fit - it won't let me correct it somehow]


To try the fit, mount the gun with your left hand (assuming you are right handed) at the top of the fore-end so that it is half gripping the barrels.  This should stretch too much.


Next try mounting the gun with the left hand right up against the trigger guard.  This should feel too long.


Don't rely on the elbow-to-trigger measurement too much as most people who are shorter or longer in the arm are so in the upper arm rather than the lower arm.


Anyway, here's the picture as promised.  Each of the measurements are specific to the user, but the most important is from A to C

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Thanks very usefull the guy in the shop recomended this pad to put on the end of the stock and it really has corrected my aim.

P.S. Sorry about the 410 photos my msn hotmails playing up again. :(

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