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Do any of you fly fish for salmon and seatrout?I fish the river ehen in cumbria which in recent years has shown a healthy increase in the runs of both salmon and seatrout.I am especially keen on night fly fishing for seatrout.I also tie my own flies which i find gives a lot of satisfaction when you catch a fish on your own creation.Where do you fish and what type of flies do you use? :sick:  

                      Regards sean.

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I used to dry fly fish for trout. This was in Northumbria. I found that the sedge flys worked very well along with knats and spiders.

I had my own rule for stream fishing : if you catch nothing for 20 min's move on, as soon as you catch somthing move on and dont return for at least 20 min's.

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I fly fish in the UK for rainbow and brown trout, in Ireland for sea trout and in the US for "sea trout",redfish,snook and bonefish.


I have had a couple of attempts at fly fishing for pike, but not too seriously.


Choice of fly, or feathered lure, varies with specie and conditions.


I hope to try some UK sea trout fishing this year (don,t I sean :sick:  )

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Guest flightline

I fish for salmon, sea trout and brownies on (among others)the Rivers Teviot, Whiteadder, Hampshire Avon and Tyne. I love fishing for salmon even more than I love shooting, which is saying something. I tie most of my own flies and I agree that one of the greatest pleasures is to catch a good fish on a fly of your own tying. I also fish for grayling and pike. If pushed, I would fish in my bath. 8-)  8-)  8-)

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I have given up a day on my syndicate shoot this Saturday, to fish the Test for grayling.


This stretch is available only one day a year for, "any method" grayling fishing (proceeds to charity).

There are also 2lb+ roach, nice chub and perch in the river.

I have been on the "waiting list" for a few years.


I,ve fished the Test as a Corporate guest on a few occassions and caught the odd accidental grayling on fly, but I am looking forward to trotting a float, down some of those "glides". :sick:

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