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Martin ive shot widgeon under the moon and it was great, the only problem with it is you may only get 1 or 2 nights a year that the tides, moon, and light high clouds happen at the same time. Still on the nights that it happens (usually a n or nw wind ) it is memorable.

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I use to shoot ducks, sometimes on the estuary, but mainly on corn stubbles and wet marshes.


The places I use to shoot are not available to me any more.

Most of the land was associated with my company and I sold it.

Other good wildfowling land round this area, is controlled by Wilfowling Clubs, or private owners and its very difficult to gain access.


I suspect this is the reason that most people I know, who use to shoot ducks and geese, don,t any more.


I have some good memories though.


My springer picking up a shot mallard on a flooded marsh, with other ducks landing around her.

Teal flighting over decoys like Exocet missiles, one movement from the hide sending them into vertical climb mode.

Geese coming in off the estuary into a strong head wind, 12ft up with slow wing beats, looking like Lancaster bombers in formation, too low to shoot and I had to duck as they passed over me.

Shooting three widgeon with one shot, as a group twisted and turned in over the decoys on a marsh pond.


I miss the duck shooting, sometimes.

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cranfield i know you a man with morals with certain exeptions everything you shoot you eat. I remember you saying that you other half dosnt like duck and thats why you dont shoot them anymore. Do you think it would be to much of a comprmise if you gave the birds to someone that did eat them. that way you could still enjoy the flighting and what you have shot is being eaten.

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To resurrect my involvement in wildfowling, would take a lot of effort, in gaining memberships, joining waiting lists etc.

I no longer have the motivation to go through all that "mucking about".

I also suspect the quality of the shooting, round here has deteriorated over the years.


I may get a second mortgage and go on a "guided" duck shoot, before I am too old. :sick:

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Iv never been wildfowling on the forshore but we dug out are own flight pond last summer and had some great nights on it .


best memory was when i took the farmer down for a flight and two teal came in he shot the first and as he swung through the second he fell in the look on his face was not one to miss.



hopeing to get to scotland next season though with my mate and our dads on the geese should be a laugh.   :sick:  :sick:

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A couple of satardays ago my dad and i went to a driven pheasant shoot for beaters day.We plannned to go to the shore first because there was a report of 60 or so geese. So we got up extra early and drove the hour and a half then a 40 min walk up the shore and drove about 2 geese out. It became yo light so we headed to the shoot where i shot my first pheastant great day's shooting. We then went back to the shore for the night flight And met another 5 fowlers....So we waited and waited for the geese but some duck came over instead and flew over the other guys and 2 fell. My dad and i seen no action and facing another 1 and a half hours letf a bit early...... It turned out that the other guys we saw got 8 geese   :sick:  But it was a great day anyway :sick:

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