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If i want rabbits for hawk food what i do is go to a huge patch of gorse that holds a big head of rabbit.Inside the gorse is a number of quite large warrens impossible to net. So what i have done is cut a couple or breaks through the gorse so that i can run  25 mtr nets at angles through the gorse. Then i put the dog through that patch of gorse and sometimes  ill pick up one or two that way, then i put the ferrets in and pick up another one or two.And if i come away with 3 or 4 rabbits for a hours work im very very happy. Does anyone else use this meathod.

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Sean i use the old fashion meathod of end pins and hazel sticks. Been meaning to make one of those new type nets but havnt got around to it yet.Iseen those nets about 10 years ago moocher products were selling them then i thought they were a bit expensive as i make all my nets myselr from nylon fishing nets i get a sheet 6z by 4.25 inches mesh by 40 meshes deep and cut them down to 12.5 meshes deep that way i get 3 50yd nets out of one sheet of netting.

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