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Ever had one of those days

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In my thread longnets i stated that if i want food for the hawk i just slip 2x25yd longnets into my pockets and go and get 3or4 rabbit just like that .Well i should have kept my big mouth shut.It goes somthing like this , only one rabbit left in freezer better get a few more.No prob ill go down the gorse patch with dog l/nets and ferret  bound to have a few there thats the plan. First patch of gorse put the longnets along the path put the dog through nothing,funny i always have a rabbit or two out of there. second drop along a ride ive cut through the gorse, some times produces a rabbit, net out dog in,rabbit bolts runs along the net and out past the end of the net, bother,second rabbit bolts hit the netstake it falls over rabbit runs over top of net (on very stony ground ).Thats it im off then the dog marks a big warren in the gorse and bramble takes me over half an hour to run the net around the warren put in the jill 20 min nothing then a rabbit bolts from one hole to the next  10 min later another bolted same thing down the nearest hole.Picked up the jill when she surfaced next and went home. Moral of the story BOASTING DOES NO GOOD AT ALL.

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