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Lamping foxes/still nights

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Go for it :o  Perfect lamping nights are few and far between and if you only go out when conditions are spot on you'll be spending a lot of time indoors.


The only time I don't go out are those really still nights with a full moon :C


Just remember that without the wind any noise you make will carry further. Quiet nights can be a good time to park up in a good spot and just call for half an hour.


Even on a "still" night there is still usually a little bit of air movement so don't forget to give some thought to where your scent  :sick:  :P  is going, it may not be as obvious as on a windy night.


So get out there and cut 'em down :P and good luck :sick:


Let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for the reply Quercus. Went out last night, it was - 5 and not breath of wind. Parked up and called for half an hour, didn't see athing whilst calling, but just as had driven back onto the lane a fox appeared in the field opposite, clearly heading for where I had been.

I pulled up to give it a call and a van came along the lane and spooked it. Never mind, but it goes to show your in with a chance on most nights. Same as most things, if you don't try you will never know.

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called tonight for 20 minuts fox comes from the oposite direction I was expecting 100 yards out, looked through scope to find the lamps not in line.  :sick: could see the eyse but not the cross hairs. The bullet explodes just behind the fox (good backstop) fox runs off. found fox 3 fields away tried to call it in but I think it now know that call is bad news... It ran off.

Its a shame I would have liked to have cleard one up first time out with the new gun.

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Its a CZ .223 new. I like the brno/cz stuff, its low cost well made and groups well with its preferd ammo 1 inch easily at 100yards (up to 55 gr with 1 in 12 rifeling). But I realy must get a moderator. I have one for it on my ticket, but 5weeks away for cutting and reproofing is too much when you have a new toy. And the cost...why are these cans around 150 :sick: Im sure they cost about the same to make as the better 22rf, and they are only around 50.

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Took my pup out training tonight onto a bit of land that over the last two weeks she's pushed a fox out of a small culvert during training.  Bl**dy cold (minus 6), big moon and a soft but cutting wind.  :o   Decided to take my gun, just in case - and she needs to be happy around loud noises anyway.


Whilst doing a spot of 'find and indicate' training around the culvert she again pushed out mr Foxy.  I shot him from about 15 yards as he headed off towards a large wood  :sick:  :P  Fantastic moon, more like dusk than eveningtime   :sick:

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