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I've got a springer, use it for everything. although she's a better pigeon dog than beating as she will sometime's run a bit far forward than you would like. So a bit more training now the season has finished. Martin get yourself a springer they will fetch canada,s easy although mine will draw the line at dragging it up the bank.

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I have been shooting over 32 years now in all that time i have shot over some wierd and wonderful dogs from a boxer to a dachhound as long as it worked and you could keep a semblence of control over it it was used. But by far the two best dogs i have ever shot over have been springers,(both owned by the same person as it happens).Before you springer people start patting yourseves on the back and saying i told you so. THE worst dogs i have ever shot over by a mile have also been springers. So what can we make out of that i would suggest that it is the owners fault most of the time. The ESS is a handful for even the most competent of trainers, what happens to these dogs in the hands of us amtures is dreadful to see. Ive seen springers sent on a retrive on woodcock only to run away with the bird and (belive it or not )eat it.The owner of the dog just smiled and said "he does that sometimes", as if there was nothing wrong with it, i still cant belive it to this day,not that the dog done it but that the owner just accepted it.I think the ESS is a brilliant dog but the amount that are ruined through bad training far out ways the number of good dogs around.

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I've created a new breed called the 'Golden Consoler' .  It is built on a Labrador chassis and is the ideal accessory for the poor but wealthy shooter.  The gun can't hit b**ger all so, instead of retrieving, I've trained the dog to give the owner a 'better luck next shot Master' or 'Oh, you were so close that time' look!!  Watching the guns on our local estate pheasant shoot this season, which is horrendously expensive -if you are poor like me - I think I'll be able to corner the market and retire by the end of February!!!  8-)  And, soon I hope to have them available in black and chocolate too! :sick:  :sick:

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I have had GWP's most of my life but have had 2 spaniel bitches from the same litter for the last 10 years, one has only one eye you should see her retrieving ducks from watter she swims in circles till she gets a bead on it the full speed ahead she goes, she was bringing back geese at  year old, she could tell some stories ( that dont read to good does it ), glad she cant or all my bad shots and there are many, would be prime talking points.

She see's me getting ready for the shot and she has her one eye peering through the net, up I bounce, BANG, BANG, nothing falls to the shot, she looks at me like with sheer disgust and disproval at me missing, I have even noticed myself making excuses to her, thats how guilty I get.


we have both had some memorable days with the gun and deeks.




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I hunt mostly upland birds, ducks, and rabbits with the dogs so my personal kennel is made up of;

English Setter, Buddy 11 years old, saw twenty field days this season.

Gordon Setter, Clinton 10 years old, saw forty-three field days this season.

Labrador, Baron 11 years old, saw ten field days this season.

Labrador, Stormer 10 years old, saw 365 couch days this season.

Labrador, Kera 2 years old, saw sixty-three field days this season.

English Setter, Toad 2 years old, still trying to put it all together.

Springer Spaniel, Joey 4 years old, just got him 2 weeks ago, has seen five field days on rabbits this season so far.

 Have also owned and hunted German Shorthaired Pointers, Wiemeraners, English Pointers, Beagles, and Walker Coon Hounds.

  So many breeds to run so few years alotted to you.

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I had a Flatcoat for my 16th birthday and would not consider anything else. They will lie down and go to sleep covered in ice if the foreshore action is a bit quiet.

Been without a dog for about 5 years now.

Not really worth going out with a gun without a dog!

I see some of the best Golden Retriever handlers in the country picking up on shoot days, but a little flatcoat that I bred, in it's first working test, beat a dog from the same (Golden) kennel . It was trained and handled by someone who had never had a dog before!


All the people I see in the beating line with springers seem to have to used the leads a lot.

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Did you know - there is no genetic proof that bad dogs are born!  Unfortunately that means that dodgy dogs are down to dodgy trainers!!!

I quite agree. I have seen people with dogs over the years and whatever breed they have, the dog always has the same ways with it.

A lot of the problems are due to having the dog indoors, where it can be corrupted by the household. OK if you live alone, but a family can spoil your dog.

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