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Weihrauch Sound Moderator AS NEW

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STOP PRESS: SOLD SOLD SOLD - now someone buy the scope please.



I've got an almost unused Wiehrauch screw on sound moderator for sale - it's only had a hundred or so shots through it.


It came with a BSA Ultra .22 I bought and very quickly sold on as I really didn't like the fiddly reloading procedure and the fact that I couldn't fit a bipod on it easily. Got an AA S400 now - MUCH better. Anyway, I digress.


The Weihrauch sound moderator is of fantastic quality, and is one of the quietest sound moderators you can get. Alloy construction, Matt black finish. 200mm Length, Width 30mm. 1/2 inch UNF internal thread for .22 Cal airguns only RRP is £49.99 yours for just £25 or best offer -including postage. I'll post it to UK buyer paying by PayPal or cheque (cleared before I post it obviously) or you can collect and pay cash - I live Southside of Nottingham.


Any questions?




PS I'm also selling an AS NEW Hawke Airmax 6-18X44AO scope on another advert here.

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thought the idea was the first one to say yes got it ???? :hmm:

never mind I MUST BE WRONG



I'm sorry mate, there were a few offers same as yours arrived all at the same time. I must've under priced it maybe. Thats life.


Anyway, saying "yes" first but not offering the full asking price isn't a sure fire winner is it? What if you'd only offered say £15 would you still expect to get the deal because you made the first offer? :hmm::no: No, we'd be still haggling. What if you made an acceptable offer whilst I was haggling with someone else? :hmm: You'd be the winner.


Bottom line is If you'd offered the full asking price you'd be the one getting the goods as it is the offer I've accepted was the best on the table as it involves no postage and a cash transaction. :good:


Sorry if I've upset you. :sad1:

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you sent me a pm at 5.20pm saying £23 via paypal i replied at 5.25pm saying ok i,ll take it send me payment details only to recieve a pm at 5.50pm saying and i quote your pm "Sorry Mate - A Local lad offered same for cash collected" so i agreed to your price of £23 posted only to get gazzumped 25mins later.

so sorry but i thought id bought it .

had the glove been on the other hand i wouldnt have sold it to the other party but hey thats me.

your free to sell to whoever you want to

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