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a brass or steel choke guage, mnost gun shops have them for about £8.


Most guns don't have them marked on the barrel as many folk get them gunsmithhed to different sizes.


On o/u they are typically 1/4 and 1/2 or 1/4 qnd 3/4, but occasionally you get all sorts of combos including skeet/skeet, 1/4, 1/4 or 1/2 and full.


Only real way to check is to use a choke guage or micrometer. any decent bloke in a gunshop will do this for you for free if you ask him nicely,


bindi :lol:

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yep !


and if you want to prove it ,take say a Browning that you know is choked half and say a rizzini which is half,and drop a choke gauge down each of there barrels,


you'll get a different reading!


although both guns may shoot a pattern that is half choke.


choke is about patterns and percentages of pellets at a given distance,NOT diameter at the end of the barrel.


All the best Mick.

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micrometer? :lol: they are for mesuring external sizes. Youl need a Vernier gauge for that.

Or a nice simple cheap choke gauge which fits into the muzzel, and depending on which depth it goes to, will tell you the gauge of the choke.



External micrometers measure external sizes.


Internal micrometers measure internal sizes.


or at least they did last time I used one. :lol::lol:



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