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S-16s general advice for care and scope issue

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Ok so ive just bought a really nice s-16s as a package and i'm looking to all of you for some good advice please. Im keen to keep things ship shape where possible and also want to get the best performance out of her i can. So having bought it can anyone help with the following?



* I would like to use a cap to protect the end of the rifle when not in use what size cap ( if one available) will i need,? can i also cap the end of the reservoir bottle?


* Which lube/grease/oil should i use for the various parts of the rifle and how often should i be applying them?


* Im using penetrator pells to start with is there any evidence to suggest that pellet lube has an improved performance through this rifle? And also if im looking to maintain accuracy through 50+ yards is there consistently a recommended pellet for the job. so far ive bought penetrators in 20.5 g and 16.5g and some Napier UPH's 14.5g lubricated.


* Will i lose a significant amount of air every time i remove the cylinder from the stock ? e.g once attached is it more economical to fire 200 ish shots before i take the cylinder off, or can i fire ten shots, remove, store, then re attach and achieve the same power output?


* I was wanting to mount my Hawke nite eye 3-12x50 AO IR but the single mounts i have on it are just too narrow for the rail, at present its fitted with double screw mounts and a richter Optik 3-9x50 AOE but the Hawk is too fat for the double mounts can any one recommend a solution??? either correct mounts for the Nite eye, if this is the better scope? and sell the Richter or sell the Nite eye and leave the other one on.????


Guys, and girls :-) ............ any help is very greatly appreciated

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No it's a Air Gun Equirey


Check out you Local Air Gun Club - as Sure a visit will answer most of your questions


Adding location helps others assist you


What many shooters do not understand is that a Sub 12FP .22 Air Rifle is normally Zeroed around 25 Metres


As above that you need to start aiming for the Sky :blush:


I run Lea Valley Air Gun Club in Hertford


Get many New Shooters on the Ranges most weeks


Complaining they can not hit many of the targets which can be set out to 70 Metres


Viable with a .177 - But a dropping .22 will not reset targets or even hit them


Reason most Range Shooters use .177


Pellet Choice is down to each gun - As All hand finished


Again Joy's of using a Club - as you often get shooters try each others pellets



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The manual is easily to download and should give you lube advice-if not then speak to Red beck farm air rifles where Paul Hogan now works (designer).As for your scope mounts it sounds like you need a 30mm set-not that pricey on fleabay and as the gun is recoil free you only need a basic set.Lubing the pellets is suposed to not only increase the accuracy but also helps them to cycle more smoothly/reliably-a must on most Loguns-again the oil is not very expensive on the bay and it only takes 5 minutes to do a tin.Not sure on air loss if you constantly remove the bottle as i dont own a s16 but i would have thought that the practice would wear the seals out rather quicker than usual.

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