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Essex Masters 2011 - Pigeon Watch Teams?

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Oh yes!! Would be telling porkies if I said I wasn't disheartened but it was a great day out and glad I took plunge. But boy have I got some learning to do :blink:


Then in all honesty thats all that matters :yes: Pleasure to have you on the PW team :yes:

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Well just got home & I have to say they know how to run a shoot better than the CPSA.


I shot a 89 on the first course but was on for a 92 & as normal balls up the rabbits on the last stand and missed 3 of them :/ :/


Shot better inthe afternoon to end up on the last stand with a chance for 93 and sraighted it. So Chard shoot well tomorrow cus Ive got you off to a good start and make sure our team wins :good: :good:

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165 for me. 85 on the red and 80 on the black. Dropped too many odd silly ones on the red and then had a couple of bad stands on the black which cost me dearly :hmm: it was a bit spicy today though - I am sunburnt <_<

I shouted to you today but you was to busy eyeing up the birds on the lookers stand :lol: :lol: I finished on a 182 :good: :good:

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Team El magnifier is where its at and right now it's at the hotel bar lol


But seeing as we are down south we can only buy shandies.

Come on boys stick it up em just remeber to take some 9s or 8s cus theres loads of stuff on the end of your gun.


By the way I had 8 pints of crolsch last night and still drove down and shot well so hic hic do WELL B team :good: :good:

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Not bad m8 lets hope you didnt pick the wrong PW team to shoot in though you did shoot a lot better than sunday :o :yes:


That was an absolutely brilliant score Keith well shot, but I'll be surprised and shocked if your team mates collectively match it :lol::lol::lol:


Mr P

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The Essex Boys certainly know how to put a shoot on,well organised with no ques :good:


I thought the targets were quite good but there were a few too many crossers and quatering out targets,especially towards the end of the black course but overall I enjoyed it :yes:


Never had a real bad stand,just a lot of stands with one target away on, frustrating.Finished with a brace of 89s so consistent if nothing else ;)



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******* excellent weekend :P


Got back last night from the Masters. Shot like a **** and enjoyed every minute :sly:


I'd booked me, Anni and Timps into a posh hotel on a cheap special offer room rate. Only problem was, the nearest hotel was in ******* Hertfordshire :lol:


Anyway, it was very nice and I bagged the double room for sole occupancy. Popped my head round the door of Anni and Timps "twin" room to find them both looking at a double bed with some suspicion :lol:


Then it was off to The Fences for some "practice" :lol: which was a great laaaaarf and some good targets. Weather was great, not a cloud in the sky.


Off then to the Gook Palace in Braintree for a gutbuster all-you-can-eat-and-get-stitched-up-for-few-beers blowout. Good laaaarf here too and then back to the hotel for more beers in the bar <_<


Up bright and early to find that Anni and Timps had kept each other awake all night snoring :lol: (We had got their double bed changed to two singles) :P Hell of a job to get them moving, we were supposed to be meeting Mungler at McDonalds in some godforsaken hole for breakfast. Got to McD's half an hour late - nobody there :o Turned out Mung had gone down with the squits. Hey - I can understand that, it would take a super hero not to get the squits when they know El Magnifico is in town :sly: So, we grabbed a takeaway and drove to Hepworth Hall at about 120 mph :o Got there just in time to pay and was thrown straight out on the red course without a second to spare. I was still shaking from the drive :lol: ****** up two of the first three stands, then slowly came down to earth again. Too late though, finished red on 75, Timps managed 79 and the rest were sheeeeeeeyte, apart from Steve Leonard who was a very unlucky man to be put into one of our squads, but still managed to shoot a great round of 89 or 90 or something. He managed so well, by keeping as far away from us as possible :lol: Very nice guy though, well shot Steve :good:


Quick bit of lunch, then out on the black course, telling myself I needed to get at least 86 to get into the 160's. Started like a steam train, lost it at the end, carbon copy of last year :lol: Finished on 72 and was totally shagged. Timps crashed to a 60 and Anni scraped to 73 (he got 67 on the red). Star of the black course (apart from Steve Leonard) was MC who got about 79, and shot very well. I can call him rotten on here now, because he can't defend himself :P He wheels out his historic B Class classification when it suits him, but he ain't no B Class these days. If he shot registered, he'd definitely be El Magnifico class. Well shot Martin, you cock.


Great fun weekend, thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Essex boys again, and nice to meet the lovely Taz :wub:


Thanks to Poontang for keeping me laughing all weekend. It was relentless, :lol:


Roll on next year. I can start to see that this is not how to do well at clay shooting but I wouldn't change this for anything. I can keep my serious(ish) head for registered comps, but this is something else.

Thanks for the weekend chaps and chapesse, see you next year :friends:

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Thought you was on a diet???


Was Steve Leonard the Vet that was on TV a few years ago??




:lol: Yes, I have lost a stone. 14lb of El Magnifico gone for ever :o


I actually lost weight over the weekend. I didn't eat much at the gutbuster banquet, must be the most expensive plate of Gook Beef Curry, Deep Fried Squid and other unidentifiable stuff that's ever been eaten. Despite all the beer, I've lost about a pound over the weekend, probably because I've been sweating like a rapist. It was 'kin 'ot :sly:


Hideously expensive weekend, don't think I'll be shooting for a few weeks until I've balanced the books again :P


This Steve wasn't any vet. He was a bloke of about 45-48 (ish), cropped ginger hair :P

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Alas this weekend I couldn't go any further than direct eye sight away from a toilet.


No shooting for me at all, and am gutted to have missed the Masters which was at the top of my non CPSA shooting calendar.


Double gutted.


Oh and Dyson appears to have the ache with me for not showing up - obviously he overlooked the fact that for 4 years on the trot I have managed to organise at least a dozen people from an internet forum who are spread all over the country to shoot the event and to keep booked numbers constant. Whislt there's always the unforeseen I always managed to balance the likelihood of people dropping out with the right number of people who would pop up and want to come at short notice. This year, whilst Tosspot had to bail, his place was taken by Dangerous Dave (all catered for the in Mungler master plan) and the only bail out was me. No matter how I tried to explain that at 1 a.m. (just 7 hours before the off) I was chucking and not going with the other dozen people I had booked in, was not deliberate.


In summary, someone else will need to be organising this for next year :yp:

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Mungler - don't act in haste.


Your reputation on here needs no defending and if you say you were ill, I'm sure you were ill. These things happen.


Sadly people do have short memories. I would hope Mr Dyson re-considers his view.


All the best.



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I did explain that you were ill and that dd was taking your place, that should have been one less than you booked! Whats the big deal???


Nothing like last year when i organised the essex vs herts and most of the northerners heard how tough it was and bailed, i was at least 8 down and he gripped and moaned like a welshman in a field of sheep realising hed left his condoms at home!!!


Let him get on with it, well be back next year, its too good a shoot to miss.


My shooting...well it was mediocre at best!!


After having worked 50 hours in the 4 days preceeding to say i was knackered would be an understatement,(excuses, yeah but it you try it) I just couldnt find any rhythm, I missed easy stuff and hit a lot of targets that i thought never in a month of sundays...even hit a couple of the monster battues on stand 9 on the black, never really found my form until half way round the black set and by then it was too late


did 66 and a 68.....consistant as usual...very dissapointing but a lovely day in good company It was nice to meet Timps and to actually shoot with Anni (whose day was a bit like mine....woke up too late) Brokenman shot his tits off as usual and Anita rose the the challenge and not only did a personal best ...enjoyed it too!!

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