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flush shooting norfolk

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hahahaaha , lake is full of geese , what you up to at 5.15 tomorrow morning ?

hi mate, off to sunny kings lynn helping dad with a survey, i think he's lining me up to take the traces, thanks for the kind offer


As I said, I will be there, but i need to know where it is and when. But count me in. :good:

the date is on the first post by hitclays doofus...

As for where, see below clamps

I will be there, will it be a breakfast do at McSalmonella like last time?

Hell yes! long water mcD's then a convoy to the site.

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ok guys its deffinately on 9th october,confirm your places then next week i will give ground details etc (which ground i use depends on numbers shooting}

I will be on Holiday until 25th September, can you please put my name on the list.





this time I think the ink was dry :lol::lol::lol:

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flush shooting sunday 9th october.10.30am start, dereham road wendling NR192LT (same venue as last time) names of those shooting, bakerboy,leedschimp,beretta 28g,silpig5,mr,mrs vulture,jr1960,stevo.m,Gram71,GP1,Clamps,The Duke,chaz,goldypurple,whitebridges,billywoodsman,reddan.can you confirm your coming and how many guys your bringing along to shoot :good: any one else interested can you let me know.start stocking up on cartridges you will need them :rolleyes:

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