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I've haerd of pepole having niosey pups...........and now ive got one!........every two hours he had me up last night!.....am i right in thinking that he will be over leaving his family and quite down in a couple of days?...... :blink:


All the best


Buzzer :lol:

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He should settle down in a couple of days. If you have him in a crate at night you can try wrapping an old windup alarm clock in a blanket, and give him a stuffed toy to cuddle up to. The clock simulates another heartbeat. Remember puppies have small bladders, and need to go out between every 4 to 6 hours to releive themselves.




P.S. are the kids happy that he is in the house?

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Often a small portable radio on low volume, hung out of reach, will trick the pup to thinking it is not on it's own. I have used this dodge several times to good affect...


And also, one of the kids old teddy bears tucked in beside the pup stops it feeling lonely. I once had a lab pup that carried the teddy around for weeks untill it was reduced to a manky old bit of cloth...


A couple of day's and all will be ok...


Stick with it Buzz, it will be well worth it...


All the very best...



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Thanks for the advice chaps...............The young chap is settling down now..........just had to ignore him when he howled in the night.


Can any one tell me why my next door aint speaking to me now ? ???:lol:???


All the best


Buzzer :blink:

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Thats nowt to do with the pup buzzer.....what was it you said on the chat the other night...:blink:? oh aye...i remember now......something to do with having a wee wee through there letter box after a cider binge ....was'nt it :lol:??

Glad the young un's settleing down though ??????


all the best yis yp :ph34r:

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:lol: ..... :lol: ......NT..... :lol:


Young Onyx





is doing well, he is growing in size at a rate of knots!!!


i've got him sitting and waiting for his dinner now, i can even walk away and he still wont go to dinner untill he hears my command !


I tried him on the slip lead the outher morning and he never liked it one bit ! is he still to young for the lead yet ? just thought I would try it and see what his reaction was.


I've got him down to 3 meals a day now, mixing with less water all the time.....soon be on total dry food


He loves playing with an old tennis ball, he brings it back to me every time and wont let go untill I say dead ! think that I've got a good un here.


All the best


Buzz :lol:

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Here goes....hope I can keep this simple.



First off you are going to introduce young Onyx to the lead. To do this take him into the back yard, clip a six foot lead to his collar and stand up straight. As Onyx gets to the end of the lead just give a little tug, (pop), on the lead. Do not try to walk around yet just let him get to know that fighting the lead does not gain him anything. When he stands or sits with the lead loose praise him and tell him he is a good puppy. He will come to see that a loose lead will gain him praise, (verbal and petting), in three or four sessions. Once he is comfortable with the lead we can start to teach him to heel.


Heeling Exercise Step One:


To start this exercise you are going to need some small treats that the pup likes, small dog cookies or small pieces of hot dogs work fine.


1) Bring the pup out beside you , and clip him onto your lead.

2) Sit him beside your left leg.

3) Bunch your lead up into your left hand, leaveing around 4 inches of slack for the dog.

4) Grasp your dog treat between the thumb and pointer finger of your right hand.

5) With the palm of your right hand facing the pup bring the treat down in front of the pup, roughly 4" infront of his face. At the same time step off on your left leg and give the command heel. You will be able to control where the pup is positioned beside you by where you hold the treat.


This exercise requires that you walk while bent over in the first stages, so make sure your area is clear.


6) Walk forward roughly 30 feet, then pivot on your right leg 180 degrees. Dont worry the pup will be able to follow you around. As you step out forward on your left leg toss the treat ahead of you, and allow the pup to run and get it .


As you toss the treat use a release command, such as alright, at the same time.....You most remember that every time you give him a command to do something, you must give him a release command to stop. This will avoid confusion on both your part and the pups.


Repeat this exercise 2x daily for 15 minutes per session for 1 week.


At the same time you are training the first part of the heeling exercise you are going to start to teach part two. Seperate to the heeling exercise you will have pup on lead, sitting. Once again hold the lead in your left hand, and a treat in your right hand. This time the treat is held high beside your mouth with your hand touching your chin. Make a clicking sound with your mouth, and when the pup is looking up drop the treat. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT if the pup does not catch the treat do not let him get it from the ground. The only time he receives the treat, (reward), is when he does it correctly. Seeing as he is clearly going to be a quick learner, he should be catching by the end of the same first week.


Repeat this exercise 2 to 3x daily for up to a dozen trys per session. If at the end of 12 trys he has not caught the treat bring it right down low click and basicaly drop it in his mouth.


NOTE: some younger dogs you have to start off at waste level, as they are unable to track the falling treat from mouth level. If this is the case gradually raise the hieght of the cookie over the course of the week.




Heeling Exercise Step 3:


1) Once again start with the pup sitting beside your left leg.

2) Step off on your left leg, give the command heel and walk forward.


At this time the pup will be looking up at you to where the treats that he has been catching all week , have come from. I find it easier to hold the treats in my mouth at this time, so that the lead is held properly in the left hand infront of your belt buckel.


3) Walk roughly 10 feet click and drop the treat. VERY IMPORTANT if he does not catch the treat while you are walking he does not get it. If he catches the treat praise him, Good Boy, and continue heeling forward. If he does not catch, but breaks position trying to chase it, calmly sit him beside you, (you will already have picked up the treat), and restart the exercise.

4) once you have heeled roughly 40 feet pivot 90 degrees on your right leg making a right angle turn.

5) Continue heeling forward for 20 feet and pivot another 90 degree turn on the right leg. As the pup follows you around the second pivot click and spit him another treat releasing, (alright command), verbaly after he has caught it. PRAISE and make a fuse over him.


Practice this exercise for 3 or 4 weeks 2x daily for 15 minutes per session extending the rectangle as you go and at the end you will have a pup that always watches up while walking beside you and that will always be in the correct heel position. This dog will be focused on you.


Once the exercise is well established you start to remove the treats, slowly weaning them out. However the pup will continue to look at you for the odd time that you do spit him one.





Teaching the Laydown Command



1) Start with the pup sitting beside you, on the left, with the lead bunched in your right hand. I find it best to hook the thumb of your left hand under the collar with your fingers pointing down pups back. This allows you to control any sideways and bouncing up motions.

2) Holding a treat in your right hand between your thumb and pointer finger, and with the palm of your hand facing the floor, bring the treat past the pups eyes and nose slowly.

3) As the pup follows the downward motion of the treat his front legs will travel forward and his chest will fall towards the floor. As his body makes contact give the lay down command, I use the word drop, and allow him to have the treat. Praise and release.


Do not expect the young pup to stay in the drop position for any length of time in the initial sessions. Praise him and allow him to get up. Repeat this exercise 2x daily 6 times a session.


4) As the pup responds faster to the movement of the treat and hand, pass the lead under your left foot. By taking a light amount of pressure off your foot you will be able to draw the lead up with your left hand dirrecting the pup to the floor with downward preasure. Do this at the same time you have him follow the treat . When you are confidant that he knows what the command drop means, start to wean out the hand movement and give the drop command from an upright position. If he does not immediatly drop pull up on the lead drawing him down. When he is in position PRAISE and reward with a treat. Remember to give a RELEASE command when you want him to get up. Example: You tell the dog to drop,you praise him verbally and reward with a treat,you tell him he can get up with a release command alright.


This is another time where the pup that has been taught to catch treats from your mouth will already be looking for his reward and you can just spit it to him, as he focuses on you.




1) Training sessions are to be kept Short, FUN and UPBEAT if you have to make a fool of yourself to keep pup happy do it.

2) Keep your sessions short no more than half an hour at a time.

3) Your pup has to make mistakes so that you can show him what the correct way to do it is... DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED.

4) If you are getting Frustrated or Angery put the pup away until you have calmed down.

5) Always try to end a training session on a good note with something that pup knows. This can be as simple as a well executed sit.

6) Always a command to do an exercise or position and always a command to end an exercise or position.


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