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Picture of your Labrador/s

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Oh :blush: Does B know what pics you're posting Rich :sly:


She will appreciate it when you tell her on Saturday i am sure Phil ;-)




Oh Does B know what pics you're posting Rich


And what is short for Richard? :hmm::lol:


Do I know you ???

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I'll have to dig some decent photos of my current and past Labs but for the time being here's a not very good phone pic of Ted ...who I admit is probably not the most handsome of dogs..




I took him on as a then totally uncontrollable 18 month old around March this year and slowly but surely he is making steady progress into what I hope will be something useful. He has a reasonable working pedigree so by rights it ought to be in him.


He is a nice looking Lab, looks a bit like mine. :good:

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Here's mine:


Willow, today (29th Jan 2012) after a successful Teal retrieve on Colchester Wildfowlers marsh. Only her second retrieve, but she did a great job. Moving on to the real thing has been slow progress on account of the owner's (in)abilities at duck shooting. :blush:



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