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Land Rover loss of power

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Just off shooting tonight called in garage filled up came to start up sounded like exhaust had blown and knocking noise coming from under the bonnet turned off engine,came to start up again 2turns and battery was flat left it 10mins and luckily it started managed to get it home but there was no power and it sounded like a tin full of nuts & bolts.This is on a 94 land rover 300tdi.anyone got any ideas.

PS.sick as parrot didn't get to go shooting. Cheers Eddie

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you didnt put petrol in by any chance?


No Mate definately diesel just found out today it is fuel lift pump so changed it and fuel filter and it started no problem, stil got a rattling and grinding noise though think it is the water pump i'll have a look tomorrow.Cheers Ed.

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If your doing the water pump would strongly advise doing the p gasket aswell, as they are prone to weeping and going unoticed.

and if the p gasket weeps and the coolant drops below the level of the water pump you stand a good chance of overheating and killing the head / engine :oops:

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You can buy the tensioner unit BUT you can actaully order the bearing a bit cheaper if need be from eBay or any bearing supplier....i remember someone saying it was a couple of quid for the bearing delivered.


Remember to lock the fuel pump with a pin of some description when doing the timing belt!


EDIT - here you go - http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=290583473880





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