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beretta warrenty

TX Sniper

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hi guys, been a while since i have posted but have been uber busy with college, work, women etc.

anyway my beretta 20g barrel selecor is loose and doesnt seem to engage well. sometimes when i fire it flips onto the other barrel. the gun was new in jan. is this a problem i can get a local gunsmith to fix or do i need to post it back to beretta. if the latter is the case how do i go about it?

any help appreciated

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All new Beretta's come with a 10 year warranty - take it back to the gunshop where you bought it and they will decide whether it can be fixed by them or has to go back to GMK.




All new berettas bought from a registered beretta dealer come with a warrenty. The one I bought from kelbrook was a grey import (as GMK were quick to tell me). Quite a few dealers bring in berettas from abroad that do not carry the 10 year guarantee.


Now for the good news, you are protected under the trades description act if it has gone wrong within a year of the purchase date and the dealer is obliged to put it right or you can return it to him as being not fit for the purpose it was bought for! If he is a decent bloke he would want to put it right for you anyway.


I will look up the relevant act under the trades description act and post it for you.






PS. Nothing went wrong with my beretta, I just wanted to buy some skeet chokes and did not know which ones were in my gun. I have had berettas now for many years and have had no problems at all.

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Just to warn you I bought a Beretta Silver Pigeon 4 from Kelbrook shooting school in January. It keeps going faulty and now it turns out that the gun is a grey import with no warranty from Beretta UK (GMK). I have owned the gun for a little over 8 weeks however have only had it for 4 of those weeks due to repair times. It has never worked properly and now Kelbrook are refusing to give me a full refund.


It is probably just worth anyone buying a new beretta checking with the dealer or GMK that it is a true UK model with a warranty. I even sent off the extended warranty form but when I spoke to GMK they said this wasn't valid as it wasn't a UK gun.

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I have had the same problem with a Beretta silver pigeon and a Lanber.

Both were not new guns and I couldn't be bothered looking for a warranty.

The repair at the Gunsmith was quick and quite reasonable.

From the Shops comments , it also seemed to be a very common occurrence.

You can always ask them for a quote for the repair.

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