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Codicote Bottom Clay Shooting Club (Herts)

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One for the Hert's Massive. I have been shooting at Codicote Bottom on and off for about 15yrs and have found it a friendly and enjoyable shoot, the shoot is on every other Sunday with the first card at 10am and the last about noon.


The Club is situated at Codicote Bottom Farm on the Kimpton road between Codicote and Kimpton, the Entrance to the farm is trhe entrance to the shoot, as you drive in turn right and park by the hay barn




The Farm Entrance




The ground has a DTL/Compact/ABT and Sporting layout




Each shoot the layout is changed and there are plenty of varied and challenging layouts, dont expect to rock up and fill your card :rolleyes:




If you would like to come along you are more than welcome, I will be at the next shoot and it would be good to see some new faces, if you dont wish to shoot just come and have a look round, while you are there you can grab a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea from the on site cafe :good:


Non members are welcome but you will have to show a valid SGC before you are allowed to shoot




13th Nov Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact

27th Nov Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact


11th Dec Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact

27th Dec Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact


8th Jan Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact

22nd Jan Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact


5th Feb Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact

19th Feb Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact


4th March Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact

18th March Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact


1st April Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact

15th April Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact

29th April Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact


13th May Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact

27th May Sporting/ABT/DTL/Compact


Huff Huff has also very kindly added the dates to his very useful clay calendar


Thanks for looking



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Hi Michael,


Think I might pop down tomorrow if you'll be there. I want to play with my new gun.


Only problem is I need to be in St Albans for about 12:30. Do you think that's enough time to go round?

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You missed an interesting shoot, the high wind proved a little testing on those clays. Nice to see Baker Boy,Huff Huff,Twitchy & Trapper Tim

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A good day out, and yes the wind made it very interesting.

Trapper Tim enjoyed himself, he is on Pigeon Watch as handlebar2.


Will definitely go to Codicote Bottom again, although it won't be until the end of January at the earliest.

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The wind definitely made it interesting.


Handy little ground to nip to if you want to pull the trigger on a Sunday morning and get back home for lunchtime. We zipped around in a little over an hour I think.


I didn't try the bacon sarnies but the tea was good and in a proper mug!

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