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Black Bear hunting in BC

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allan,either have a reason for your post or dont bother replying.posting then coming back to read it and not having an answer ? pathetic.

hubertus has posted some amazing pictures on this forum,all backed up with the story behind them.from his home country to canada he has shown nothing but high regard for his quarry and the countryside from where he takes it.if you dont like it either dont read,ignore or defend your posts. :good:

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KR, If you had read the full story in Sporting Pictures, you would have found the answer to your question


"The first shot was absolutely deadly. The guide have seen with the binocular that the blood was coming out of the chest like a fountaine. I couldnt see that threw the scope because of the recoil. So i shot as quick as possible as he was running away."


The bear was clearly killed humanely and treated with respect.

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why dont you go for a head shot, it will end with a more instant kill.

can i ask, how long did it take for the bear to be killed after you shot it. :good:


Hi King ratcatcher,


i never go for headshots on any species!

The target is much more smaller compared with the chest and the head is the most moving piece of the body! If you dont hit it right and hit the jaw or like that it causes really big suffering of the creature.


As you can see in the video it took only seconds for the bear to die. It was an absolutely clean kill. The guide was watching the bear all the time with the binoculars and saw that he had a good shot right behind the shoulder (he says it in the video in german).

I couldnt see it because of the recoil of the .338 Win Mag.


Best wishes, Hubertus



you should always make the first shot count,


You are absolutely right!

But for bigger game then roe deer it happens quite often that they still go some meter with absolute deadly shots!

Wild boar for example. In most cases they go some meters (up to some hundreds).




Do Black bears ever attack humans??


I was told they dont do in normal situations. They can be dangerous if they have lost their shyness for humans or if they are wounded. But in normal cases they ran like hell if the smell or see a human.



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Nice to see the holder of the camera could not hold the camera level when he heard the shot. Scared him a bit. :good:


What is the reason you came up so close? Caliber is ok, can hit it up to 100 yards easily???


I reckon a bear can run the 20 meters faster then you can climb a tree. (oeps, bears climb trees as well :) )


Altough not really my cup of tea, still a good hunting experience. So well done. And bears are considered foxes in canada. To many around i am told by a mate of mine who (amongst other) sells these tours for canadian elk and bears.

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Well done Hubertus.


Last year there were 12 people killed by black bears in Ontario, I do not know how many in the other provinces.


For all those whom are wondering;

We hunt them for the meat, which is fabulous table fare.

We hunt them for the hides which is sold in the fur industry.


We hunt them for population control, including livestock and property protection.



Less than 20 years ago the black bear was classed as vermin and could be shot and left to rot. After a lot of lobbying by sportsman groups we had it classed as a big game animal, with hunting seasons in place. It is now illegal to just shoot them whenever you want , and if you are caught wasteing an animal than you are fined and you go to jail.



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and if you are caught wasteing an animal than you are fined and you go to jail.


And that is the way it should be, for all animals.






Over here if you are caught wasting the meat from ANY game animal or fur bearer that has been deemed fit for consumsion than you ;

A) Loose your licence and are fined

:good: Loose your licence and go to jail

C) Both of the above


I believe the maxumum fine is $200,000.00 and you will loose your licence from 3 years to life.

The same penilties apply to our fisheries as well.


On top of the above if you commit an offence in the field a Conservation Officer has the right to not only confiscate your gun but any other equiptment you have with you....truck, atv, airplane.....and if you are suspected of further offences and are proven to be in possession of or selling of fish or game with a search warrent they can search your house. If proven you are inpossession of illegal game they can then confiscate your house, send you to jail, and garnish any wages you make for the rest of your life until your fines, (with interest) are payed in full. You are not allowed to hunt or fish or trap while paying fines or serving a suspention.



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