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White Gold XLR and 3" Escort

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My understanding is XLR is designed for lower recoil due to lower velocity. Recoil is what is required to cycle the action? For example, my Mossburg will not cycle on 32g standard but will on 32g high velocity.

Not quite true on a gas gun . Its residue gas that cycles the action .


Harnser .

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Not quite true on a gas gun . Its residue gas that cycles the action .


Harnser .



yes you are correct. it is not recoil on most autoloaders that causes the cycle.


there is a direct connection to recoil and gas pressure, but it is not correct of me to say recoil when i mean gas pressure, so i should not have said that.


residue gas is the gas not pushing out the projectile ( or the gas bled off this process to reload ).


my understanding was that the pressure of the residual gas has to operate a piston or some other form of mechanism to move the breach block backwards to eject the previous cartridge and re cock the trigger, usually a spring will load in the next cartridge. there is a force required to do this and to operate this mechanism there needs to be a certain amount of pressure in the gun. if you had very low pressure then then for example the projectile itself would not exit the barrel. if you add more pressure, you eject the projectile. add even more pressure and the reloading mechanism will operate.


When building a gun you have to make assumptions about what cartridge will be fired from it. autoloaders usually are used for heavier loads, as they diminish the recoil. you can shoot a 63 gram 3.5" from some autoloaders. i would never attempt that from a fixed breach gun, as the recoil would hurt too much. so the assumption would be for a heavier cartridge, and the mechanism would be built for that load.


so there would be a point where a small load would fire the projectile, but not have sufficient pressure to cycle the gun. i am guessing, but the low recoil cartridges produce lower recoil because they produce less pressure. this is because i think that pressures produced is directly related to the felt recoil. slower burning powder? less velocity? i am not sure how it is done at this time as i have never measured this.


but i assume that if you have a marginal load, say a 28g load on an escort, or in my case a 32g high velocity - these just manage to cycle the gun. now reduce the pressure by shooting a XLR 28g or a standard velocity 32g in my case, and you dip below the required pressures to cycle the gun, and it stops cycling.


This can usually be fixed by adjusting the gun to the new loads you are shooting, but then you can not safely go back to the magnum loads if you have adjusted the porting or gas mechanism for the light loads.


so dropping down the pressure of the cartridge - usually to lower the felt recoil - especially if you use cartridges designed to lower recoil, and you are at a marginal point on the gun design, then it can fail to cycle.

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