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Good morning on the pigeons

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Finished a 13 hour night shift on saturday at 7am but in stead of heading to bed i decided to chance my are on the pigeons .I headed to a fresh dilled barley field that i had seen friday morning. The wind was wrong so decided to setup on the winter wheat the other side of the hedge .I put out 20 decoys in 2 groups with a gap in the middle of about 15 yards ,the decoys were placed just 30 yards out and i had the rotary in the middle just 10 yards out from the hide .

Was ready for action for 8.30am .It was a slow start but soon had birds dropping in to the decoys and was shooting well for a change .Wind changed twice so changed the pattern a few times in the session , things slowed down around midday so packed in as needed my bed ready for another 13 hour shift :no:


Picked 71 woodies 7 ferals and 1 jackdoor :good:


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Great result Tom, I'm not the least bit envious :lol: :lol:

Drilling barley now? the seasons have really gone loopy loo :yes: :yes:

Plenty being drilled round me now ,like said seasons gone mad :yes:


Well done, I love it when a plan or a hunch works out well.



Was a hunch that worked for a change !


Keep knocking them done mate :good:

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