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magpie madness

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well after bashing a few targets with the 97k, i thought id put dougies new decoy to test, its a stuffed magpie on a board with its wings out, stuck it out and within 2 minutes there where two on the fence, grabbed the 97k slipped a pellet in, down came one i put the cross hairs wright on hes chest and bang, down he went at 15 yards, not even a twitch.


the other one flew of and didnt come back.


heres some pics ....







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Cheers m8, the idea behind it is, magpies/crows are very close birds, if one gets shot they all go MAD as you all probley know.

When you place this decoy out in the feild,garden, when they see it, they go mad, thinking its one of there m8s, so come down attacking it as they do, and it gives you more then enough time to shoot a few before they get whats going on :good:

I put the decoy out the other morning and they went absolute mad at it, about 15 of them on the roof :good: had to run out and bring it in as they were so loud, screeming at it :good:

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