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hi all could anyone tell me anywhere i can get cheap clay buster cartridges (prefrebly skeet as this is what i mainly do) from. There is only one gun shop in town and he is very expensive the only ones he does are Rottweil Special Trap, 71/2 shot 28g and they are £220 per 1000. Thanks.

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Hi debo,

I live in Hopton and the last time I got some carts I went to Anglian work wear in eye! They have very good prices, I got some dan arms 28g of 7.5 plasti wads they were about £32 per 250! They also do skeet carts but I don't like them as much as the dan arms. Do you shoot down billy bells?


I need to get more carts soon so might b able to share petrol costs!!



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Do you know Rickies who runs a skeet and sporting show at Ormesby st Micheal, he has cartidges normally 24gm 7.5 at £3.60 a box for those shooting Sat afternoons 14:00-late and Tuesday evenings, just sells boxes for those shooting there but I think he will get a thousand for you if you want bulk Skeet is £5 a round and sporting £2 per 10 give me a ring i will pm you my phone number

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