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Just back from Cumbria and The Lakes

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Just back from Basinthwaite after a couple of nights in the caravan. I couldn't believe the weather, the forecast was bad however we were delighted to have bright sunshine for the important times.


Visited Muncaster Castle yesterday and it was well worth the money. Owned and lived in by the Pennington family, with 70 acres of gardens.


On the way home we spotted a wee road on the map that would take us over the Cumbrian Mountains, if you've been over it you'll know which one I mean.


Does anyone know if it has a name or the history behind it?




ps I've goy a photo but I can't upload it for some reason

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Hardknott Pass ? Wrynose ? Bassenthwaite is a quieter venue and all the better for it . Close to the wonderful Jennings brewery in Cockermouth . I used to fish " Bass Lake " as a kid for little Perch . Got Osprey there now , go abroad and they are common as crows but they deserve the attention . Glad you had a good time in Cumberland .

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Up the pass




hi jef if you passed a pub on the left about 1/2 a mile before you stopped for photo and a telephone box on the right just before the bridge at the bottom of the fell it is hardknott pass if you go trough again stop 3 quarters of the way up to see the remains of the roman fort including the bath houses beautiful place to stop just remember to put your handbrake on :lol: :lol:

atb dolphin

ps the pub is called the woolpack

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