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A mongrel by any other name...

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Putting me beddy whippet down as mongrel saved me a small fortune on the insurance.


Bout 12 quid a month as opposed to crosbreed lurcher etc. Mongrel and proud lol



Wish my mrs had thought of that with our beddy whippet. cost us something like £40 a month as a lurcher!

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Rottador, theres one to look out for, tell me, what are the perceived benefits of such a cross?


The benfits of the rottador is that you get a guard dog that after it's finished chewing the intruder it will retrieve him to hand so that you can administer the good kicking.

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Believe me I see them all, cavachons,cavapoo's, westiepoo's, cockerpoo's , shihoodle's, sproodle's, westairn's (this woman also argued it was a pedigree) ,jackapoo's, poo****s, labradoodle's, colliedoodles you name it I've bathed it recently even accidental crosses are now getting fancy names to push the price up of their mongrels. Some woman came into my partners salon the other day with her cockerpoo to be bathed after having her second litter of cockerpoo's "by accident" at the ripe old age of two, the pups were less than two weeks old. I had to walk out the room.

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