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Bit of cuttlefish fishing

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mate of mine owns this crab boat but at this time of the year he is catching cuttlefish, what a mess they make, anyway thought you would like to see a few photos, I cook mine three ways


1. cut into strips and put into tempura batter, serve with a chilli dip

2. curry

3. stir fry


they are fantastic to eat and therefore all the sadder to realise this is yet another fish that is exported to France and Spain and very difficult to buy in the uK









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These boys catch100s of kilos in traps

Large cages, put a female in then the males swarm in after her, They can get 30 to 60 kg in a trap.


And how do they catch the females that act as the lure?

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OK asked the guys


They put CD's in the trap and that attracts them in to start, in the Mediterranean they capture them with mirrors !!!


sex is

females dont have the tiger stripes and are a bit more dumpy in shape, the males have smooth appendages on the bottom for inserting the sperm whilst the females have suckers

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