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PW North V South Staffordshire Oatcake Thread 2012

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Inspired by Timps generous offer to procure genuine Bury black pudding for those south of the border, I thought it might be nice to do the same that other unsung delicacy of the north - the Staffordshire Oatcake.


Not to be confused with those nasty, dry biscuits - Staffordshire Oatcakes were once the fast food that fuelled the Pottery industry and are still very popular today especially when filled with some of the artery busting classics - bacon & cheese, sausage and egg etc, etc - the list goes on.


If you’ve never tried them, give them a whirl - I suppose the southerners might compare them to crepes, but crepes with testicles :yes:


I don't want paying for them; just pop some money into the collection :good:

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Thanks for the replies everyone, I'll bring half a dozen for everyone who's asked (1 or 2 won't be enough trust me).


Full instructions will be provided :lol: and you're going to luv'em :good:


Can't wait for the big day, looking forward to putting faces to names :good:

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Hi Iggy,


I've had internet connection problems for a few days so didn't see this thread before now. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you yesterday, to thank you in person for the ones you sent to me. I hope you had a good day and enjoyed yourself. I did manage to snaffle a packet of oatcakes off the table when I collected my black puds from Timps.



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Glad you all enjoyed the oatcakes and it was a pleasure :good:


Really enjoyed the shoot yesterday (despite shooting like a big girls blouse, again) and it was great to put faces to the names.


Sadly I had to dash off at the end as we drove down to London yesterday afternoon for the Jubilee weekend. I'm working at the Jubilee concert tomorrow so keeping my fingers crossed it stays dry!


Looking forward to next years already and hopefully I'll be able to hit those little black circular thingies by then :lol:

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