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Making a Gunning Punt and Punt Gun


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Hello All. I'm new to the forum and joined as I stumbled across a post from another user looking for some information on punts and punt guns.

Having been in the same situation myself and finding some useful info from both mudpattern and popgun on here to aid me in my endeavor, i decided to share my build in a bid to help future potential punt makers in the process. As i dont want to hijack that post further i decided to do one seperately.


I've wanted to build a punt and gun since a young boy and have sketched different methods of construction since. Its only recently that i've been in a situation to finally put some of those sketches to good use. The punt is based on the slightly smaller version of the Payne Gallwey double punt design, as the gun i plan to use will not be a heavy one (1 1/4" bore) and i am not of particularly large build (c11 stone). I decided upon using the Payne Gallwey design following in depth discussions with other local gunners.

The locals advised me of some issues with the the front end of the PG design, i.e. it not holding direction very well or require substantial ballast to do so. I'm in the fortunate position to have access to various types of design software the most useful for this purpose being CFD. This allowed me to model the original PG design and modify it to reduce sideways slippage. The result is a slightly different curvature to the floor forward of midship and a slightly deeper stem block.



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Anyhow, once the design work was done manufacture could start....

This was a piece of English oak that i came across several years ago and kept it aside for this very job! The stem and stern blocks (cut cross grained)





The semi finished items, the taller being the stern.


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This is the start of fitting the frames between the runners.



The top runners fitted to give the base of the hull its spring



All the frames fitted and turned back upside down.



The gun beam and sides installed and reinforced with a further 2 laminations of 18mm marine ply.



The first panel of ply fitted to the base.



The entire hull clad



Inside the punt before the 'cabin' is cut out of the ribs.

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To make sure it lasts as long as possible i decided to glass the hull. So far it has a single layer of 4oz cloth and resin. Another layer of resin will be added once the top decks are fitted to ensure a completely water tight seal.



Top decks fitted looking from stem to stern



Top decks fitted with wash boards



Top decks removed again and the first coat of primer on.

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In a world where the majority of the population needs help assembling an Ikea wardrobe, that has put a massive smile on my face.


I'm going to show my five year old son this when he gets up tomorrow.

I'm pleased you like it! My 2 sons have enjoyed coming out and 'helping' with it too!

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Both garage and punt (especially punt) are fantastic...... am so envious of your ability !!!! Great job


This was one of the main stumbling blocks of building the punt! The container that i had used whilst renovating the house was leaking which just didnt do a punt justice!



So i built a 'boat house' to make the punt in! Thankfully i have a fairly tolerant wife! :D


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