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Hare & pigeon pie

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    Now then,


    I jus thought I would put up a recipe for my dinner last night,


    Quite simply Hare, Pigeon and Stilton pie


    I made a batch of them before harvest and put them in the freezer so my memory on exact quantities is a bit vague, but they wont be too far off,


    3 pigeons , Whole browned in dripping with some seasoned flour


    1 hare jointed browned in dripping


    A handful of shallots finely chopped and fried


    I used the slow cooker


    Place browned meat and shallots in the pot,


    I used a lump of stilton about the size of an apple, (it was lurking in the back of the fridge) coarsely chop and place in pot


    I added a stock cube a little water and a glug of red wine.


    It was cooked overnight, allowed to cool, the meat was stripped off the bones and made in to top crust pies,


    It did not go dry like it can sometimes.


    Mine was served with home grown runner beans, roasted spuds from the garden and a bottle of home brew!!


    I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess at the cholesterol in it but I don’t care it tasted good !!!





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