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Umarex 850 Air Magnum - bolt cocking problem

Maverick 234

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I purchased a supposedly new Umarex 850 Air Magnum 18 months ago, and have had continuous problems with the bolt action and loading from the 8 shot clip. I sent the gun back to the well known air rifle dealer for repair under warranty, and the gun was returned supposedly repaired. (I have no details on what was actually done). The bolt action was still stiff, and still had the old problem of pellet loading (like the clip was not correctly aligning itself with the barrel and bolt as it turned on being reloaded). The problem has not become major, as the bolt will no longer cock the rifle, and it is almost as though there is some sort of peg missing on the bolt which sets the trigger. The automatic safety also does not lock indicating that the bolt isn't drawing back far enough (if that makes sense). Has anyone else had a similar problem with this gun? If so what is the remedy? I have gone to a local gun dealer who is sending it to a gunsmith for a quotation, but it would be useful to know what the actual problem is! Help!!!!

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I have a problem with my 850. After leaving it for quite a while I decided to take it and blow the dust off and have plink or two. But it was dead and no life so I thought the gas is dead but when removing it I found it was full. Thinking I did not do something right I put another one in. And it is the same. Is this an easy fix or is it a trip to the expensive repair shop. I have the tools and  abilities to do it but need to find out if it is something that can be sorted d I y style as I have never opened it up before. Please let me know what you think. Thanks. 

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1 hour ago, Dog Trainer said:

I bought the gun privately. I will see if Armex can help.  Thanks for replies

Damn, I can't find any contact details for Armex, looks like they only use Facebook. I won't use Facebook. Don't suppose anyone has an email for them?


Google armex, 15 seconds in and youll see on the facebook page that anyone can see (I don't have facebook and won't ever have it either) the telephone number, that I will put below. 

0121 643 4900


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My 850 m2 is giving me groups of 6in at 35yrd I just can't get it to zero I'm using accupell and h&n Barracuda pellets and none of them make any difference I'm starting to wonder if the breach seal is leaking anyone else had this type problem 

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