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divers bottle

roe doe

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Only get a 300 bar bottle if you can get it charged locally.


Where I live there are many comercial divers and only one company (60 miles away) is prepared to turn up their compressor from there normall 232 bar just to charge my bottle.


Having said that I charge two guns regularly, the S200 three times every trip and I only get my bottle filled twice a year, Shooting 2 or 3 times a week.

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idealy you should be getting a bottle as big as possible 12ltr 232 or 300bar should do the trick BUT remember these bottles can weigh aroujnd 25KG!!!! so lugging it all over the place might not be an option, in this case i would go for a slightly smaller bottle 7ltr is manageable and 300bar should give you more than a few fills.


There is an exel program out there to work out the number of fills you can get out of variouse bottles with variouse rifles, not the gospel truth but it should give you an idea of what to expect. I shall try to find it in the next couple of days if i get the chance.


From experiance i had a 12ltr 232 bottle and shooting a .22 S200 the bottle would last me around 3-4 months before needing a refill. Thats with shooting 500 pellets every week.


have you considered a pump at all? as long as you get the tecnique right you (or rather he) shouldnt have any problems using a pump with the S200, it really isnt as bad as many people would have you belive. But there are good pups and bad pumps out there FX good logun bad.


hope this helps you out a little


ROB :good:

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