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This morning with the decoys on the pinks

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There'll be plenty of people on this site that could shoot a 'large bag' like that on geese if they wanted. If it was really crop protection you could have shot a few each and after that just taken one bird out of each subsequent skein that came in. That would still have kept the birds away without shooting too many.


well when we packed up and was leaving we watched from the cars and there was skein after skein landing on the fields where we had been so i suppose it didnt put them off ..i have never seen as many geese

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Brother in law phoned last night to say there are thousands of geese coming on to the stubbles over his way , and get your sen over in the morning ..As it would of been rude to say no i accepted the invite ..

we were set up for 06.45 all decoys out and hides made in hedge line , the first pink came at 06.50 and we packed in at 09.00 am

when he said thousands he meant it ..goose for supper and then some , cant get enough wild goose and the farmers love them , friends etc

brilliant shooting
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Alot of people on here won't like that picture just a handfull on show would have done, If the crops were getting hit fair enough you did a good job.


I agree. You need not have shown all of the birds you shot. You knew how well you had done and posting a picture showing so many shot is asking for trouble. I do not necessarily disagree with the number shot, particularly if they were doing crop damage, but others might.

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