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When meeting a fellow PWer for the first time, how do you know who the

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Just meet at a specific preagreed place, say the gents toilet cubicles. Whoever gets there first stands in a carrier bag facing the wall. That way, you are easily identified by your new friend,and won't upset anyone who looks underneath the cubicle door. (It will just look like a man in muck boots is standing over a bag of shopping) good luck!

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You need a pass-phrase. Something like "The clays are heading South early this year" answered with " I watch them from the vicarage window".




While I feel that we *are* approaching a solution - and I must say that I rather like Catweazle's suggestion - perhaps we should persuade Teal to peddle some one-size-fits-all PigeonWatch baseball caps in an, er, "arresting" colour.






P.S. *I'm* easy to spot because [a] my cap has my username on it and I usually shoot a pump- or lever-action gun.

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You need some special secret phrases, 'allo allo' style......'Good moaning. I was peesing by the door and heard two shats'. Lol.


or in our case "excuse me is any one else sitting there?" from when me an Mike bumped in to you and mr Potter at Catton :)

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So, just to recap,

You're looking for....... A fat balding middle aged ,red lipstick wearing, named badged, dogger, in a red dress and trousers and with one trouser leg rolled up, and a red flower in his hair, carrying a dead pigeon under his arm (a la Macbeth style) who can found in the car park where he'll be sat in his car with the interior light and sidelights on and calling "Yooohooo Tarquin, and uttering the password/phrase "I see the clays are flying south for the winter" In the faint hope some with their feet in a tescos carrier bag will then accompany him to a toilet cubicle ...?


I don't know how you're ever gonna spot him, But I'd sure like to be a fly on the wall for that meeting :lol: 2nd thoughts, I'm not so sure........

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