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Extreme Deer Hunting 1 & 2 Dvd's.

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Extreme Deer Hunting 1 & 2.


Set of 2 dvd's




Welcome to Red Deer Stalking in the Highlands of Scotland.

This is a twin pack, consisting of 2 DVD's Extreme Deer Hunting 1 and Extreme Deer Hunting 2.

Over 2 hours of amazing stalking, shots, kills and grallochs.

Lots of banter between Hunters and the Stalker and even some Larder work and a little advice on calibres for this type of shooting.

There are a few short clips at the start of each DVD and then 3 or 4 Stalks, its an as it happens film with no frills, its what really happens out in the hills when you are after Deer, nothing taken out its real.

We've made it ourselves and I really do think you'll enjoy it, its definitely one for the Hunting Movie Collection for sure and is fantastic value for money.

Some scenes might need viewer discretion, but I am sure you'll love it, if you've ever thought of going Stalking please watch this first and it will really give you an idea of what to expect.


Brand New.




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