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Boundary Day 29th Dec.

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Organising an informal boundary day on 29th Dec for maximum 10 Guns. I'll be looking for 70 head, but won't be limiting numbers if they are leaving home! Will be a bit of walked-up, a bit of driven, and plenty of exercise to get rid of the Xmas pud. A few paid beaters will be with us, and the intention is to shoot through until 2:30ish, then down the local Pub for a sit down meal. Cost will be £225/Gun, including meal & Keepers tip, and I'll try and arrange some hot sausage rolls to meet us around the shoot for elevens's. (bring a flask though) Transport around the shoot is provided, if you bring a dog, it will need to be ok in your vehicle while we are in the Pub.

Licence and insurance will be inspected, high standards of safety will be expected, semi-auto's will not be accepted and cowboys will be ejected!

Fibre wads please, and a few steel/bismuth could be needed.

Location is Hertfordshire, close to Hemel Hempstead.


Day is about half booked at the moment, and will be first come, first served for the spaces.


Also got a couple of vacant pegs on Dec 22nd, fully driven, formal day around 150 head, Pheasant & some Partridge - enquire if interested.


Forgot to say, on the 29th, - bearing in mind the time of year :santa: , other-halves are welcome to accompany, and come for the meal - £25, or £15 if they beat!!! :lol:

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