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Urgent Help!

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HELP! panicing father alert!!! :(


My little girl (1 1/2 years old) fell about 15 mins ago and has snapped about 2 or 3 mm snapped off her tooth horizontally...




Tried calling our dentist but no response (probably closed now)


Would this need emergency treatment or is it a "not a lot we can do about it now" situation? She was obviously going do-lallie for the first 5 mins and her mouth was bleeding but is now walking around quite happily and singing away quite the thing although she is putting her finger in her mouth on her tooth every now and then.. :blink:


We have spoken to a friend who is a GP and they said thier child did the same and they basically did nothing.


My worry is there is a sharp edge left...


Obviously I am calling round people asking and haven't just based my child's health on a shooting forum but while on hold maybe a dentist from here will comment.


Thanks in advance!


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I (rightly or wrongly) cut a slice of apple to see if she showed any signs of pain when biting it and she didnt...


I hate it when little'uns hurt themselves...that and dogs is the one thing I'm not great at!




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I wouldn't worry about it mate, if she isn't in pain and is happy then it is purely cosmetic and that tooth will fall out when her adult teeth come through so no point doing anything really other than sharp edges.


Have a merry Christmas and I am sure she will forget about it very soon at the bought of father Christmas coming!



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Save the bit of tooth if you can.

Amazing what they can do now


Tooth was smashed to little bits so can't keep it.


The dentist called us back and she said to text the pic of the tooth to her but she doesn't sound too concerned...



Thanks you VERY much for the responses, they are appreciated...


Will update just for information purposes!


Regards and merry Christmas.


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Dentist text back saying no gum trauma and looks as ok as possible from the picture.


She also offered to come by the house if we have any concerns over the Xmas period so that is fantastic of her!


She'll be called "toofy joe" for a while...


Thanks again everyone!

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I had the same situation today, two twin sons aged 3. One headbutted the other! I immediately left the wife to deal with the situation while i nipped out into the workshop and put the dremel on charge. All dressed off now and they are best of friends again.

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