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Pumps are fine in the hide, your still not braking the gun and once you are used to pumping the gun you havent any thing to worry about !


SIH - I cant see you snapping a trigger ! If you did yourd of been using way to much force on the trigger and should of realised that before braking it ! Its no different to accidently leaving the safety on..... You dont just keep pulling on it !


Get a pump action and it will keep a silly grin of satisfaction on your face with it also free of charge !


If the weather plays ball this sunday I plan to clay shoot with my 20bore mossberg 500 pump !





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Go for it! Pumps are great to shoot, quite quickly you will not even think about pumping it it just happens subconsciously. Easy to strip and clean, easy to reload in a hide just feed shells in underneath. I had a Mossberg 500 before the Hungerford massacre, handed it in under the buyback program. Now have a Magtech 5-shot on a FAC-1, they are made in Brazil. Absolutely deadly on 1/2 choke. Bought it from A E Clarke in Camberley.

The only problem is they are not in the stiff British culture! Cheers

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I am so refreshed by this post. I use to use a pump when they were frowned on by nearly everyone!


I remember taking a Winny 1300 to a walked up pheasant day, that got some frowns, shot as good as everyone else.


Had a gent start on at me about how pumps and auto's can't be broken and easily made safe blah blah and then I reminded him his super imposed under his arm was not broken!!


All guns are hot! Thats all we have to remember no matter what action they are.


U :)

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Like any new gun, it take's time getting used to




get a lot of people looking at me funny when I tell them I use a pump action.


Try using a lever-action shotgun and see what happens... :)





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