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Worsley - Registered Comp - 100 ESP - 03rd Feb

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I feel entry fees of £36 are getting to the upper limit of what people are willing/prepared to pay.


The big reason the entry's were nearly double Worsleys expectation was because of the guy setting the targets, nothing else, it's that simple believe me !!


As for the price of a hundred clays it's probably in the region of three to four quid depending on the quantities commercial grounds buy at a time.





Agree with this G, I think Fauxdegla charges £31 or £32 comp and obviously Catton is £30. It's enough. I think the nearer grounds get to £40 the more shooters they risk losing to B/O, it's a bit like shells, I know people who flat out don't want to break the £200 barrier for a thousand carts. Superbs for example are over £200 now and it seems to be that cut off point where a lot of people say 'too much' and start looking at alternatives. Same with the Comp & B/O situation for a lot of competition shooters.

Obviously you 'expect' to probably pay a bit more at selection shoots.


Need to do a lot of timber butchering these days to shoot eh. :lol:

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As usual Azzurri you are spot on £31/£36 is too dear for a registered sporting shoot. I live almost equidistant between MCSC and Catton Hall, Catton Hall has a regular 100 bird registered sporting competition at £25 B/O and £30 Competition entry. They always have 14 stands each with a marker have a fabulous clubhouse (great food but pricey) and pay out £125 H/G and 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the classes. Worsley (MCSC) have only 12 stands with 12 markers and if I've understood it correctly they aren't paying cash for those but are paying them in clays at a couple of pence apiece (no orange ones though, they must be too expensive!!). They have got a good clubhouse but certainly not as up-market as Catton and the food is good.


For both clubs us pesky competition shooter are piggy backing on the facilities provided for the corporate/stag/hen/teambuilding market. Grounds that don't have a solid base in those markets generally have old portakabins and a convenient tree as a toilet. I think the monthly registered shoot is the icing on the cake for these grounds, with 147 entries at £31 a go the £4,557 takings less any VAT, cost of clays, wages to permanent staff and pittance to markers would make make me go home with a grin on my face.

Now if Catton can offer more for less (more stands, proper pay for the markers) and the owners drive away with a grin then the grounds charging £30 and more for B/O are, if not ripping us off, are certainly exploiting us. We need to shoot, it's an addiction, ground owners are dealers, some are happy to settle for driving off on a Sunday in a Jaguar whilst others seem to be aspiring to a private helicopter.


Mr Potter.


PS To emphasis the difference in prices for the two grounds, 100 birds practice (both give a 10% no bird allowance) at MCSC is £30 whilst at Catton it's a mere £21.

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