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Shooting show rubbish

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I went today with Blackla there was no delay getting into the site at around 10.30, we were directed to a car park a five minute walk from the entrance. There was a short five minute queue to get in which kept moving and there were five desks open taking cash only payments. No facility for credit cards but there was an ATM outside, which I understand had a service charge of £3.50.


There were no queues for the toilets and we got served around lunchtime with food and drink relatively quickly. I didn't think the halls were overly crowded after hearing about the problems yesterday. I know quite a few of the people who were manning stalls and they all commented it was bedlam but they'd done very well.


I think it's likely the show will be deemed a success but with lessons needed to be learned with regard to the amount of people attending so need to gear up the car parking and entry system accordingly.


Given the weather at this time of year it has to be better for everyone to hold it in a completely indoor venue.

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Went yesterday, did the shoot and had a couple of hours round the stalls. Stayed overnight local and went back today for full day on the stalls.


Priority parking = Nothing - Absolutely no difference on either day where you were directed.

Saturday - Trying to get in the venue we followed directions that didn't even lead to main entrance and landed up in gridlock down some country lane with a bobby doing his best to get everyone moving in the direction. Got to the main entrance and as everyone else has said. parking guidance in the ground was a disgrace considering how many tickets sold. Today it was better manned and dispite worse weather better organised.. we were in an parked with a 5 minute walk to the the entrance in no time.


The shoot was well run and they were getting the shooters through very quickly. It was very very boggy at the bottom end near the sign on tents and if you weren't in wellies I guarantee you wished you were. Targets were challenging and the rabbit mania was fun, even managed a cool 16/20.


I have to moan about the food prices. Yesterday I had chicken sandwich and chips with a tea and she had a burger and a tea at the show, Grand total = £15. This morning in the hotel we stayed at, all you can eat full english and continental breakfasts x 2 for £16. How can the show food prices be justified.


There were sections that were busy but its a show so I expected that. There were some real bargains to be had as well with some great savings if you spoke to the retailers. I was surprised at how big the Air soft section was. It was huge and very busy. Seems to be gaining quite the following. Not so sure I will return next year as I think I personally get more from visiting the midland show

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We went up today. Got there at 9. No problem with parking, drove in and parked up. 5 minute walk to the gate. 5 minute queue to pay. It was busy inside, but not unbearable. We swung a few guns around, picked up some bargains and saw some familiar faces.


I thought it was a good show personally. There may be more space at Newark, or maybe it was just laid out better there. But ultimately, no problems at all and worth the entrance fee if you ask me. A mate with a stall said the management and organisation wasn't too good though.


It's the first show I've gone to and actually bought 'her indoors' something.

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I went yesterday left yarmouth at 4:45 got there at 7:45 used toilet got coffee in the show by 8:15 there was a big queue at main entrance so bypassed that and went through the food hall straight in :). got a few bargins off aa decoys stall and the pigeon shooter then had a wonder round nice and calm for the first couple of hours then mayhem so went and got robbed by the food stall (the crappest pork roll ever £5.50).

we then went outside for a shoot 5 out of 9 of us shot i didnt i have never paid £30 for a 50 bird shot and i dont intend to any time soon and im glad i didnt when one of my mates had two broken birds on one stand only to be told he couldnt have them again because he wasnt allowed and then the bloke had the cheek to say "its not like your shooting for a £50,000 prize is it" this didnt go down to well with my mate who shouted a few kind words back to the idiot sitting there in the rain who then sulked and told him hes not listening. they then finished the last couple of stands and we went back in.

it was now 12:30 and very busy so had another little look about and a couple of pints of cider left at 2:30 back home for 5:20

all together not a bad day a few bargins but nothing realy cheap especialy when you factor in the cost of getting in and fuel getting there but at the end of the day its a day out and not a bad one at that

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