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Looking for a "Have a go ground" near Llanelli

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Anyone know of any places that do have a go days/events near Llanelli. I will give Crynant a ring, I think Brondai has shut? Anyone know of any others ideally one open in the evenings?


Looking for to take a few from work for an afternoon/after work activity.

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i have been a few times to Crynant. Never really had a good experience there. It needs a massive injection of cash / manpower.


Sporting County qualifiers there last year and they ran out of clays. Leon does his best but is run ragged everytime i have visited. traps empty, batteries flat, pinching clays / pick- ups to fill the sporting traps, the list goes on and on.


I now choose not to shoot there, and would definately not entertain taking clients there.


its a shame as the ground is otherwise nice and would make a great venue.

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Cwm Ivy is located at the "+" near the village of Llanmadoc on the map below.

On shooting days, you should park in the Car Park half way down Cwm Ivy Lane on the right i.e. the parking field with the white honesty box.


Call 01792 386415 when you arrive and Chris Griffiths (the club owner) will come to meet you

Any help ?

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