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Off to Crufts to look at Large Munsterlander - Good gundog?


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I had not intended to create such a debate - as far as I am concerned cockers and labs are great if they are for you. I've had a lab - lovely dog but I wouldnt want another.

I see some really good spaniels but they are mostly a bit hyper for me. I'll try a HPR and gratefully accept the help offered by members to ensure it is trained properly.

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The difference as I see it Kes is if you need a real tool then as said get a lab or a spanner but like you mine is a luxury I need to enjoy the dog as well as take it shooting labs seriously bore me and spaniels are a little too frantic. I've got a dog that wants to be out shooting all the time but when not is happy asleep, or even better asleep in the truck. Never had a dog that just wants to go out in the truck or van but this one will sleep on the passenger seat all day and be happy, lamping foxes at night her biggest irritation is putting her head on your hand on the gearstick and getting in the way as a few on here know :lol:

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