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can anyone recommend a good hide netting that was made for pigeon shooting or wildfowling. All i need is the net as i already have hide poles. I'm not really interested in the ex military stuff but the netting must be decent enough to stand heavy wind. I have decided to give us on the clear view nets as on windy days the wind cant pass through the net and i couldn't even build my hide yesterday due to the wind that was not really that strong.


thanks for looking

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More experienced guns will give you better advice than me but for my two penny worth, I bought a stealth net from A1 decoys (have a look on the website). Mine was green woodland and not harvest (too yellow at the moment). It's quite thick ,black lined and seem's to work ok as long as you don't get the sun on your back. Briars will snag it but that dependes how and where you set it. It's very light and folds up to a small size. unless you get heavy ex M.O.D netting all the easy carry ones will blow in a wind. Use tent pegs or similar to peg the bottom. I agree the see through nets are just that but i use one on the inside of the heavier net so it is about 6 inches higher so you can see through it and catch sight of the brids coming in. Test your hide by taking a carrier bag (JS are good) hang it on the tree/bush behind you and walk 20yds away from your hide. if you can still see the bag you need to make adjustments to your netting.

I can normally get the hide about right ,...........i just can't hit the birds........then again if you haven't got a sense of humour you shouldn't have joined !!

Good Luck

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thanks for all the advice,

I ended up digging out a broken military net (even though i said i didn't want one) that i had from a while back and tie wraped it all back together and put it on my clear view net to put a bit more weight onto it. I also cut holes through the clear view net to allow the wind to hopefully pass through. I'm out tomorrow afternoon on bean drilling and will update you on the results

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