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Reluctant sale but my "habit" is costing me increasing amounts of lucre and I am in need of some extra funding so......................


My Schmidt & Bender 4-16x50 PM II is for sale. The serial number is 253804, for those of you that know how to check out the Kraut glass specifications.


I have this on my AR-15/Speedmaster and have accounted for many Charlies with it. The clarity is unrivalled and until you experience drawing the crosshair on your quary on a centre fire at distance you have no idea just how good a scope can be.


All metric so one click=1cm and none of those 3 point whatever calculations when judging how much adjustment is needed and no gay illuminated reticule either :)


Serious offers over 2K please and if any of you shylocks on PW, you know who you are and so do we :devil: , make derogatory offers you will be blocked.


Hope to hear from you north of the river deer stalkers.


Thanks fortaking the time to look





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