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Good day on the crows today.


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Had 40 odd on a fresh drilled wheat field today, best bag this year.


I had a 2 week old gun with me though and had I av took old faithfull beretta I think it would have been more like 50 birds.


Its a browning maxus cammo Ive bought new and Im struggling with the balance as Im used to 30" ou.


I ordered it in 26" and It took a good 250 shells in the first few weeks to sus out I need to choke up tight as I was hitting birds landing in the pattern at 30yrds and they were flying off.


Since I put 3/4 in though Im dropping everything at decent range paced one out today from the hide 90 odd yrds with a 32grm six granted it fell some distance probably 30yrds as it was high but it was a big cock crow dead as a doornail for once, Ive been having to give them a second cartridge its costing me a bomb! :sad1::rolleyes:

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