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232bar Air Cylinders for PCP


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The trouble is that you will only get relatively few fills from them compared to 300 bar bottles and around here anyway, it costs much the same to have a 232 bar bottle filled as it does to fill a 300 bar bottle. They would be of little use for something like Daystate rifles that fill to 230 bar.


For the cost of getting these bottles tested you would have almost enough money to buy a 300 bar bottle though if they all passed you might be able to sell the bigger ones. Divers still use these so there could be a market wider than airgunners.


As you will detect I am sceptical about 232 bar bottles for PCP. I see a lot of newbies persuaded to buy them from shops and more experienced shooters looking to upgrade their kit and it generally doesn't take too long for most of them to try to move them on in their own turn.

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I picked these up yesterday,

All have been stored with air in them,

have spoken to a local dive shop about inspections as all are out of test by some while and testing is £37 per cylinder,

15 litre cylinder is only a 228bar

12 litre cylinder is 232bar

10 litre is 232bar

7 litre is 232bar


I looked on ebay and there doesn't seem to be much of a market as theyre out of test, and I dunnoif theyre any more saleable if they were tested?

So, I thought about scrapping them,

but even with valves removed the scrap metal places wont take them :(

I dunno why (I can understand if they had valves in and could be pressurised hence dangerous)

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I take it thats for them being hydraulic tested.

£37 then a whip and gauge £60 there`s no profit in them.

The 12Lit and 15Lit might be worth doing but still not much of a butty in them.

And if one fails you still have to pay the £37.

I got one from a mate for £25 with gauge and whip no test it failed.

It looked mint on the outside turned out to be full of rust inside.

So £25 plus £40 for test and bylaw they cannot give you a failed bottle back.

So I finished up with a £65 whip & gauge.

And luckily the divers shop sorted me a bottle cheap. A 12 lit 232 bar with 5 year test for £40.

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I have a 12L 232 Bar bottle and it lasts me a season for my 26ft lb FAC Falcon which I usually charge to about 206Bar.


Then a trip to the dive centre for a Bottle Top Up, about £3.50. :good:


I have a lot of other rifles as well.

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Why do you think I recommended selling them to low pressure fill gun users? Anything up to about 180 or 190 bar they will be ideal!


I was thinking of 190 bar fills which are after all the commonest level but there are others a lot higher, like Daystates, I don't know what rifle the OP has.


I guess what you think of 232 bar bottles depends on how much air you use - I have always needed to fill frequently (6 to 8 fills pw minimum) and 232 bar would not be a lot of use to be honest. I guess it depends on how much anyone uses their rifle and what for. I target shoot competitively and hunt. I suppose that if I just used my air rifle for hunting I might think differently but as I said I can't help noticing how shooters in my club trade these bottles off to newbies whilst moving on to 300 bar for themselves which suggests to me that others also find 300 bar preferable.


The 15 ltr and 12 ltr have enough capacity to make them possibly useful depending on use, I honestly think the smaller bottles are not worth spending the money getting them tested. Clearly there will be others who will disagree with my opinion but the OP should think carefully before throwing money away on something that started out as a freebie!

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just a follow up really.

Both the 12litre and 15litre 232bar cylinders passed test today and were refilled and will be going on ebay.


The dive shop I went to couldn't test the 232 3litre pony cylinder (something about tapered valve threads?)

And I was advised to stick the 10litre 228bar cylinder on the auction site as it is (seems the common use for these is as training cylinders)

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Thing is if you shop around you can get a test done for £25 for a hydro (that is what the dive centre I use charges). Some places will refill without a current test certificate. You pays yur money and takes your chance!

When (or) if a cylinder fails out in the field, in someone's house, in the car, do bear in mind that the end result can be very serious.

A dive cylinder in Lancashire a few years back exploded. One dog dead, one person lost an arm - completely severed above the elbow.

A cylinder failing is basically a bomb casing turning into shrapnel. I would never use a filling station that would fill out of test cylinders. THey don't give a damn about your safety, or their own

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It shouldn't be anything to do with the owners 'getting them filled without being tested'. A dive shop / gun shop is not allowed, BY LAW, to fill a cylinder that is out of test. If a customer brings in a cylinder that is out of test, then they MUST refuse to fill it. No ifs, no buts, no 'just this once'.

If anything were to go wrong and a cylinder failed, the first thing looked at would be the test stamp. If that is out of date, then police/HSE will be asking where/when it was filled last.

If it has been filled out of test, then the gunshop/dive centre will probably be uninsured, uninsurable, and going out of business quite rapidly.

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I am in the fortunate position that I have quite a few cylinders, nearly all 232 ( apart from 2 7l 300s that need testing)

i just use a cascade system filling from the lower pressure cylinder first until it equalises, then on to the next. It takes a bit longer, but I'm tight 😂

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