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cheers colin. I am aiming for more of an eye cam mount somehow.

my lad has a helmet cam for when he was filming on his motor bike maybe a could strap that on a head lamp strap and try that may give that a go now after seeing your vid



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I made a chest mount for my go pro, a tool belt at £1.49 and some cable ties, found when using the camera on head mount, and then watching video, you had way too much movement, made me feel sick watching it :blush:

the chest mount is far better, and no rocking when the gun is fired

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I have a chilli cam, I found it easiest to get one of these:-




To mount it to your gun. It's very versatile as you can easily mount the cam to your airgun too and it holds it tight without risk of damaging your guns blueing. They are rubbish in low light though and I found they didn't work well on your head either as the lens is so small you need it as close to the target as possible. I am going to upgrade soon to something like a contour roam or a sony action cam. I think go pros are WAY over priced considering the sony action cam performs better and only costs £220.

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