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Pulsar Challenger CF-Super NV Scope + DSA + IR

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Selling my Pulsar Challenger Setup:


Challenger CF Super Scope, in box with carry case.

Challenger DSA, in box, all adapters.

Pulsar 940 IR Flashlight.


This will convert any telescopic rifle scope to night capable; DSA fixes scope to eyepiece of scope, IR light fits to DSA weaver rail for illumination.


All as new and immaculate, just missing the booklet for the Challenger.


Picture can be seen at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28505901/Challenger%20DSA%20Photo/IMG_1352.JPG


Full description (not IR flashlight) at http://www.scottcountry.co.uk/products-Pulsar-Challenger-GS-and-DSA-Night-Vision-Riflescope-Kit-4290.htm?gclid=CIiu8pOVgbcCFU3KtAodx3QAkQ


I got this to use on an air rifle, but have found it is just as easy to move my N550 between rimfire and air rifle with the one shot zero - this kit has been sat in its boxes unused, so up for sale.


I'll put in some new batteries for the Challenger scope, but the IR flashlight will need AA rechargeables.


£210 posted to mainland UK, payment by Paypal or happy to do cash on collection in the Bath/Chippenham area.


(posts will be replied to in order).




Chasing a picture now........

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